Brenda Barrios is a multidisciplinary Fine Artist UCLA Art Student From Pasadena, California. Brenda is First Generation nontraditional with a disability student. Her artistic pursuit began as a Fashion major and currently incorporates her sewing skills in her sculpture making. As the covid-19 Pandemic happened, she started making more digital art. Brenda Barrios, also known as BB, and on her Instagram, bbbarrios has used her Instagram platform to sell her art and showcase and express commentary on important Social Justice issues. Recently worked with Rock The Vote for the 2020 election. From Showcasing art in New York and London United Kingdom with Amplifier 2020. She works with digital Illustrations and videos to communicate her Virtual art platform. Brenda loves to create different types of art and enjoys creating art through various artistic mediums. Art has been in Barrios's Life since she was young, but it was only in 2018 – when she was hospitalized, that she realized she wanted to continue her journey with art in higher education. Her passion for art bloomed when she took a screen printing class. She first started to gain a following when she created a live mural on TV of a cartoon Frida Kahlo taking a selfie. Ashley Kim from the Daily Bruin States. 

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